Speculative Realms: Where there's a will, there's a way gathers together thirteen original stories by authors around the world. They are stories of fantasy, science fiction and horror for adults which will entertain, provoke, startle, amuse and resonate long after the last page has been turned.

The Stories

Of Bones and Blades by Jeff Parish

A powerful mage hunts down a dragon in the hopes of using its bones to forge mighty weapons. Only one will survive, and the dragon is immune to magic.

Summer of the Widows by Sherry D. Ramsey

Suspected of murder, a wizard's apprentice must find the real killer and save her master from an even more dangerous threat--marriage!

Brittle Bones by Lorne Dixon

A dying fox seeks sanctuary in her final hours inside an abandoned house built on the fault line between life and death. Unfortunately for the vixen, she is not alone.

The Gun by Ian Whates

Discovered on a body-strewn battlefield, the intelligent gun seems almost too good to be true; and perhaps it is, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is killing the enemy, and if there's one thing the Gun is good for, it's killing...

KARMA by Sasha Beattie

A mother’s determination escalates to obsession as she searches for her daughter beyond the grave.

The Widower’s Tale by Davin Ireland

A reclusive hitman discovers vengeance can't always be left for dead.

Where Strength Lies by Karen Lee Field

When warrior mages try to abduct her son, a woman must trust her past to ensure her son's future.

KanjiKiss by Lancer Kind

A young man moves from the country to the big city to learn how shooting varmints relates to love and the Internet.

Shouting at the Stone by TW Williams

In a world where the most powerful magic is the loudest, a mage who has lost his voice must find a way to save the woman he loves.

Second Chance by David Meadows

A failed writer discovers that somebody is stealing his manuscripts -- before he even writes them!

To Hell and Back by Rob Rosen

A boy's love for his father is endless, timeless, and deeper than the very pits of hell itself.

The Guardian by Lyall Henderson

Aboard the most powerful warship in the galaxy, a soldier must sacrifice what he loves most to save his people.

Children of Ba-Seku by Christopher Donahue

A desperate prince will use one of Egypt's darkest secrets to try and turn back bronze-wielding invaders.

The Book

ISBN: 978-1-4092-1943-9
RRP: $15.95
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

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The Authors

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Speculative Realms:
Where There's a Will
There's a Way


A collection of fantasy, science fiction and horror stories

Edited by Sasha Beattie


Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1-4092-1943-9
RRP: $15.95
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback


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