Speculative Realms

Examples of realm of speculation

Realm is often used as a noun meaning territory or country. Speculation is often used as an adjective meaning conjectured or hypothetical. Examples include “realm of imagination” and “speculative realm”.

We will be speculating about what happens beyond our current experiences. This is speculative because we cannot know what happens after death.

We must be careful about speculating about how the climate change might affect human fertility. Speculation could lead us down dangerous paths.

The speaker was quoting a speech by Winston Churchill. He then went on to say that he did not propose to follow Churchill into the realm of speculation, but instead to confine himself to hard facts.

We’re not in the realm of speculation! We’re dealing with the facts of the matter.

There are more than 100 shops now.

A quote from the Hansard archive, containing the words “speculation” and “may”.

Short periods keep people and property within the realm of speculation. We should like to get out of the realm of speculation entirely.

This example comes from the Hansard archive, a collection of parliamentary debates. It contains Parliamentary information licensed under the open parliament licence (OPL). Examples from the Hansard archive contain Parliamentary information licensed under the OPL. These examples come from corpora and from online sources. Any opinions expressed in the examples do not necessarily reflect those of the Cambridge dictionary editors or of Cambridge University press or its licensees.

The Realm of Speculative Design

Future design is a relatively new field that explores challenging ideas about what we’re building today. It’s a speculative design practice that questions the direction of a design and proposes alternatives. The idea is to frame an idea for a meaningful product that adds values to our lives, while rejecting criteria such as profitability, attractiveness, efficiency and marketability.

Futures Design is about anticipating problems before they happen. Weak signals are used to predict what might go wrong in the future.

A cone shaped device that helps people make decisions about future events. It works by looking at the present and imagining what might happen next.

In the future, people may drive cars without human drivers. This means that there will be less traffic jams and fewer accidents.

Autonomous cars are probably going to be very popular. People may start using them more than owning them.

Preferable Futures: What do we want our world to be like? This prioritises emotions over information. The preferable future can include both positive and negative aspects. For example, the mobile phone was invented to help people communicate more effectively, but it has also lead to the rise of cyber bullying. The UK has seen an 87% increase in cyber bullying. Designers must address these issues going forward.

Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog is a very popular pet among Japanese people. People mourned when the company discontinued this model. People thought that if they loved something, they should be willing to give it up. The creators never expected people to do such things.

Video games have become very popular over the past few years. Many people play these games to relax or even work out. However, there are many problems associated with playing these games. For example, players can get addicted to them, and sometimes they can be violent. This weak signal shows how violence could be spreading in video games.

Designers should try to create positive changes in the world around them. We should always strive to make the world a better place.

Distinguishing science fiction from other speculative fiction

Speculative Fiction is sometimes abbreviated spec-fic, spec fic, specfic, S-F, SF, or sf. The last three abbreviations are ambiguous because they have also been used to refer to Science Fiction. The term has been used to describe stories that do not adhere to scientific principles. Some critics and writers believe that speculative fiction is more inclusive than genre fiction.

Harlan Ellison was a great author who pushed the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy. He wrote about what he wanted to write about, and didn’t care if people thought he was writing about something else. He also liked to use words like “fervent”, “pigeonholed”, and “conventions”.

Investors Snap Up Metaverse Real Estate in a Virtual Land Boom

Digital real estate transactions are taking place in many different locations around the globe.

Speculative Communities

Speculative communities are places where people gamble on things like politics, sports, and entertainment. People are betting on who will win an election, who will be the next president, what team will win a game, etc. These bets are made online, and people bet money on them.

For Komporozos-Atanasiu, speculation means connecting things together. He says that financial markets are becoming the model for society writ-large. Virtual marketplaces, new social networks, and dating apps bring financial infrastructure into our everyday lives. This leads us to a new type of speculation across economics, culture, and society, and this book explores how we can use these technologies to create a better world.

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